Home Depot: Help is all around you

Home Depot is a marvelous place if you are a homeowner or hope to soon become one. You can dream of sizzling some succulent steaks on a new grill, envisage that freshly painted living room, or marvelously conceptualize your backyard landscape all in one short visit. Wish fulfillment is served daily.

Home Depot store
A 'big box' store can have a personal feel.

The wealth of choices, selections, products, however, is oftentimes dizzying. I need help. I can’t find the right bolt. The off-color white just does not match up in the living room. What plant will thrive in the Texas heat? I need an expert opinion.

I recently had to replace a flapper on my toilet. After navigating to the right aisle in the Home Depot warehouse, I scanned the row until I located the toilet flappers. I wasn’t expecting more than a handful of options, so I was disappointed when I discovered nearly 7 options of flappers. Premium. Ultra. Jumbo. Select; you get the idea. Who knew the bevy of flapper selections?

I scratched my head, surveying the neatly arranged options; it was then that I noticed a ‘Need Help Center’. The center said: ‘just press this button and a sales associate will be here in moments’. Needing a lifeline, and not in the mood for a guessing game, I pressed the button and heard a faint, recognizable, “Beep, Beep, Beep” every five seconds. A grey-haired gentleman stood near me, eyeing the new faucets. After just one beep, he turned and said, “Can I help you with something?”

He proceeded to recommend the highest-quality flapper (hint: it’s all about the material) and said “Good luck. It’s an easy install.” After shaking the gentleman’s hand, the Home Depot associate arrived late to the party. I explained that a customer helped me find the right one. He looked us both in the eye and smiled. He must have thought, “that’s pretty cool.”

I felt compelled to give this friendly customer some help with his faucet, yet I would have steered him wrong. Not my area of expertise.

Customers helping customers; this is unbelievably satisfying and rewarding for both giver and receiver.
I certainly like having the orange-aproned Home Depot associate traipsing through the aisle, yet it’s equally nice to have a fellow customer ease my pain. Next time, I may seek out advice from my peers before pressing the ‘Need Help’ button.

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Until next time,
Dan Naden

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