Give me a reason to try your www

We’ve been a bit blurred by the ever-presence of dot-coms. Nearly every billboard, advertisement (radio or TV), newspaper, magazine article contains www.[clickhere].com.

You’d think most businesses would know there’s a bevy of ‘advertising’ noise in today’s marketplace. If you don’t raise above the clutter, you are lost, done, finished. Everyone’s clamoring: “Click this,” “Follow me,” “Retweet now,” “Friend us,” but some aren’t giving us a compelling reason to do so.

Increase your odds of a meaningful Web visit.

Recently, I was driving up I-10 and found a casino billboard that lacked a reason to compel. (This was rural I-10, what else was I to do?)

It said: (something to the effect)

Evergreen Special Casino

Huh? Do they expect that I just have random free time to visit their Web site?

How about adding a few ‘urgent’ lines to the billboard?

  • Visit our Web site for $10 in free chips
  • Visit our Web site to win free tickets to see Hall and Oates
  • Visit our Web site to get $50 off your first night’s stay

What does just randomly, meaninglessly placing a URL on a billboard do to continue the conversation?

Before slapping your URL on everything in an effort to draw attention, give people to reason to commit to click.

The days of being excited to just have a Web site ended about a decade ago. Write and market with busy, ‘prove it to me’ prospects in mind.

Until next time,

Dan Naden

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