Selling coffee as a dream machine

I am not a big coffee drinker. I used to drink 4 cups a day, but they left me feeling thirsty, anxious, tense and a bit paranoid. By the 3rdcup, I was ready to jump out of my skin.

Does your ad copy cause readers to dream?

Occasionally, the mood strikes me and a cup really hits the spot. It’s a nice lifter when the day’s duty weighs you down.

On a recent airplane flight, I decided to stop staring at the seat in front of me, and I reached for the always entertaining, Sky Mall magazine.

Each turn of the page in Sky Mall elicits one of two responses:

  1. Why didn’t I come up with that idea?
  2. Who would pay money for such a thing?

Over time, I find myself drawn to the advertisements. I am fascinated over the various techniques companies use to get our attention.

After viewing more collapsible pet gates and neck massagers than I knew existed, I froze upon this copy:

“Some coffees wake you up, others make you dream.”

Very emotive, moving words, don’t you think? Many use coffee as the morning perk-up, stimulant, a giddy up to their day, but a drink to help you dream – where do I sign?

I believe that Illy’s coffee and coffee machines will help me dream as much as I believe that Coca-Cola will make me smile or Miller Lite will make me instantly more appealing and interesting to others at a party.

This ad copy, however, took me places: places far from the mundane. I imagined myself sipping espresso out of one of their contemporary, European machines and dreaming up the next big thing.

Illy isn’t selling coffee; they are taking us to an imaginative, soulful, delightful place free from worry, stress or fear.

What are you doing to move your audience?

Until next time,

Dan Naden

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