The Top 10 Reasons I Write

The word ‘write’ can mean different things to different people. For some, write is fright. For others, it is sheer…
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Master of the Morning

I awoke stunned by the silence of the morning — an egg uncracked; a package unopened; a band poised to…
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Dear Santa: Please read my Internet Marketing Christmas List

Drum roll please. Here’s my 2013 Internet Marketing Christmas wish list. My Internet life would sail stress-free in 2014 if…
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Part 2: M is for Marketing on the Internet in the mid-90s

  In our first installment back into the time machine with Internet Marketing in the 90s, we cruised through letters…
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M is for Marketing on the Internet in the mid-90s

Here’s a fun alphabetical look at the terms you’d be familiar with as a digital marketer in the mid-90s. I…
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Develop a passion for writing

I truly believe in the importance of getting your thoughts down on paper. The importance of strong writing skills is…
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