Develop a passion for writing

I truly believe in the importance of getting your thoughts down on paper.

The importance of strong writing skills is ever apparent in today’s business world.

You can’t escape the importance of writing as you grow professionally:
Whether you are a business analyst writing requirements….
A marketer writing a piece of collateral…
An executive preparing a speech for a conference presentation…
An engineer writing test cases for the newest software being developed…

There are some good business/professional writing classes out there that would be beneficial for those interested. I’ve found the most impactful improvement in my writing has been (drumroll, please) WRITING. Yes, pen to paper, or fingers to keypad.

You can think about what you want to do or what you want to accomplish. Putting it down on paper, however, makes it stick. It WILL seem more real and doable when it is on paper or screen.

As in any new endeavor, don’t be afraid to make mistakes. No one is perfect in casual or professional writing settings.

One final tip: Buddy up with a strong writer at work and have him or her ‘eyeball’ your work before it goes to the boss or a larger audience. You will be amazed what another set of eyes will see.

Until next time,
Dan Naden
Naden’s Corner

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