My Sports Walkman needs to be replaced with an IPod

Yes, I still own and use a Sports Walkman. I can hear the laughing now.

To make matters worse, it is a CASSETTE Walkman. I can’t remember the last time that I bought a cassette. They actually haven’t produced cassette for years, and here I am cutting my lawn listening to cassettes from the 80s. Yes, the 80s.

Well, it is time to change.

I am buying an Ipod. I know — probably everyone reading this blog has an Ipod, but I was holding out. Holding out for something I am not sure of? A comeback in cassettes? A dramatic price reduction in Ipods. A personal visit from Steve Jobs?

The commercials for the Ipod are certainly eyeball grabbing, although I don’t need an extra energy jolt for my life; I just need a reliable, small, and portable device that I can listen to when mowing the lawn, exercising, or just trying to be cool and hip. You know, like the commercials.

There’s already one of these Sports Walkmans available on Ebay:

If that one sells like hotcakes, please let me know. I can give you a sweet, sweet deal on my vintage yellow Sports Walkman. And, yes, in case you are wondering, you can take it underwater.

Apple is doing plenty of things right these days. For me, however, the most important thing they are doing is forcing me to throw out ‘Blackout’ by the Scorpions, ‘Kill em All’ by Metallica, and ‘The Game’ by Queen — all on low-fidelity cassette.

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