Make the most out of your day!! Find a balance.

What a glorious Sunday we are having!! I hope yall are able to get out there and enjoy some sunshine.

As I was enjoying some sunshine this morning while walking around the neighborhood, it struck me how fast time flies. Can you believe it is already March? It seems just like 5 minutes ago that the stunning Waterford crystal ball dropped to close the books and 2006 and bring in a new year, 2007.

Why do I mention this on this beautiful sunny day in March?
I want to remind everyone to take advantage of the time that they have and to push for a balance in every aspect of your life.

Marcus Aurelius from the Roman Empire once said: “The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.”

Are you feeling too worn out by work? Take a jog around the neighborhood before work. Go to the grocery store.
The boss got your down and frustrated? Take him or her out to lunch and get to know them personally. What do they like to do in their spare time? Perhaps they are an avid cyclist like yourself. Or maybe their favorite TV show is the same as yours.

Don’t waste a minute. Strive for a balance. The clock is ticking.
This blog thing is getting kinda fun. Can’t wait until my next posting!!

Until next time,

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