You are in control

Today’s post is about you. Sounds good doesn’t it?

There’s no script given to you at the start of each day. If there was, what fun would that be? I mean who wants to live a completely scripted life?

So here’s your day:
6am — You wake up early for a cool, brisk jog around the neighborhood. You want to get the blood flowing before a busy day at work. Much to your disappointment, it’s pouring rain outside.
So here your first choice? Do you get bitter and think, “Darnit, today is Thursday, but it feels like a Monday the way that it is going to start. It hasn’t rained for weeks, and now it rains when I am trying to exercise. I am going back to sleep.”

Or, the better reaction:
“Great. We certainly need the rain. I’ll just stay inside for some push-ups, sit-ups and stretching. I can get up for a jog tomorrow morning.”

The better option showcased a person ready to roll with the punches and deal positively with the unexpected.

Your day of opportunity continues….
3pm — Your project team meeting hits a snag. Out of five attendees, only one person has shown up. The one attendee, a key ally in your success at your employer, is willing to chat, yet you dismiss it the person amidst frustration at the meeting’s attendance. A prime opportunity to connect with a colleague. You sulk back to your desk reminscing about all of the things that went wrong today.

Or the better reaction:
You touch base with the lone meeting attendee on the project’s status and review other initiatives key to your collective success at work. You then both track down the missing attendees from the meeting and have an impromptu project meeting. How’s that for a solution?

You have a choice each day. Make the best of it.
Today is right there in front of us. We are not guaranteed a tomorrow.

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