March Madness

Whether you like basketball or not, you have to respect the fortitude and perseverance that many of the athletes are displaying during the NCAA Basketball Tourney (aka March Madness).
There are not as many ‘David slaying Goliath’ stories this year as in years past, yet we can still revel in the dedication that may of these athletes exude against tough odds.

The parallels to your professional or personal life are well-apparent.
Do you think you are out of choices when it comes to getting that difficult project off the ground?
Are you struggling with a disobedient pet?
When you are thinking of giving up with a personal or professional pursuit, turn it up a notch!!
Most often than not, the final push (that extra effort) will carry the day.

Here’s to all the underdogs in this world who crawl, scratch, and claw their way to the top.
Don’t ever give up; no matter how dark the situation appears.

Until next time….


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