A Networking Strategy LinkedIn is Not

LinkedIn: We all have our numerous connections, and we’ll check in on our ‘links’ when we need something: a new job, funding, a business idea.

Have you ever just reached out to one of your connections when you don’t need anything?
Try it – you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results.

In fact, do it now.

Go to your LinkedIn connections.
Find a connection that you haven’t ‘touched’ in quite awhile.
Send them an e-mail, or, if you have a number, give them a call and ask them this:
“How can I help you? How are you doing?”

The more important point here is this:
You can’t just rely on LinkedIn to be your holy grail when things are in crisis mode.
LinkedIn should just be one facet of your ‘connection’ strategy throughout the year.
Happy hour events, e-mails, phone calls should complement your LinkedIn pursuits.

Despite the fact that many of us work digitally, we can’t subvert the face-to-face conversation where most solid relationships are forged, built, and solidified.

Until next time….


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