Chez Zee!!

Happy Easter everyone!! (one day late!!)

I hope that all y’all had a wonderful day with friends and family. Despite the gloomy weather on Sunday, our family’s visit to Chez Zee (at Mopac and 2222) brightened our spirits.

If you haven’t been, I highly suggest that you make it a point to dine at this fine establishment.
(You may want to make a reservation if you can because it is usually pretty busy.)

We breakfasted (can I make that a verb? I just did) there on Sunday morning and loved every minute of it. Our daughter was entertained by the strolling Easter Bunny. What a spectacular costume with the big floppy ears, tails, and large feet!! She was also entertained by a balloon sculpturist. (We thought she would never stop crying after we took her balloon bracelet away from her.)

The real draw is the food and we were blown away.
I had the special (I am a BIG special guy.) — the gingerbread pancakes.
I counted down the seconds until their arrival and my mouth dropped to the floor when I saw the spread. The pancakes nearly filled the plate. Accompanying the pancakes were eggs and a generous helping of bacon. My wife also scored big with the crabcake benedict. If you go there for breakfast, don’t even think about eating a lunch.

The waitstaff is always happy to be there, and they are quick with the coffee refills. Big plus.

Go ahead. Treat yourself. Breakfast at Chez Zee now. An Austin landmark is waiting for you.

I am hungry now.

Dan Naden

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