Think Like Napoleon, (Hill, that is.)

If you haven’t read Napoleon Hill‘s, “Think and Grow Rich”, there’s no better time to devour this gem then right now.

I read it a few years ago, but it may be time for a refresher. His beliefs about the laws and keys to success, and the fundamentals to a positive attitude are right on target.

Recently, I discovered the Napoleon Hill newsletter and eagerly signed up. A few times a week I receive motivational tips, positive thought practices, and inspiration from Hill’s treasure.

How about this one from a recent newsletter:
“When a person is struggling for recognition and to get a few dollars ahead, seldom will he find anyone to give him a needed lift. But once he makes the grade — and no longer needs help — people stand in line to offer him aid.”

This is so true. When someone reaches ‘celebrity’ status, we all want to be his or her friend. A true friend, or ‘helper’ will reach out to assist no matter what that person’s lot in life happens to be.

More inspiration from Hill:
“Your mind is endowed with the power to think, to aspire, to hope, to direct your life toward any goal you seek. It is the one and only thing over which we have the complete, unchallenged privilege of control.”

We are all be faced with obstacles. Barriers that seem insurmountable in pursuits of our goals, dreams, and passions. I urge you — realize that these barriers are temporary. Your mind is powerful. Soar above the stresses, frustrations, and tensions of daily life like a eagle gliding over a forest of pine trees, and achieve everything you believe.

Until next time,

Dan Naden

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