Toastmasters: Learn how to speak in front of an audience

The boss asks you to give status about a certain project that you’re working on for your job. You weren’t prepared for this. You stumble and bumble your way through the update and the boss has no idea where things stand for this vitally important initiative for the business. Sound familiar?

I’ve seen this happen time and time again. Seemingly compentent and intelligent professionals ‘bonk’ when given the opportunity to communicate an important topic in the workplace. These ‘communication-challenged’ professionals wonder why upward growth is stifled, raises are rare, and projects just don’t just assigned to them anymore.

The solution: become a better, more confident speaker by joining your local Toastmasters organization.

I’ve been a member of a local chapter (Balcones Toastmasters) in Austin, Texas for about 4 years now (wow, time flies!!) and it has been the single-most important thing that I’ve done for my career. The club’s environment is focused on learning, development, and encouragement. The great thing about the Balcones Club and any Toastmasters club for that matter is that everyone is their to learn and grow. Feedback is welcomed and nothing is taking personally because it is all in the spirit of ‘growth and improvement’.

Toastmasters is not just for salespeople. People from all walks of life (actors, lawyers, professional speakers, magicians, teachers) benefit tremendously from the hands-on practice that Toastmasters provides.

Want to be more confident when the boss asks for a project update?

Need to create a compelling case to score that new job you’ve been wanting?

Are you feeling ‘less than confident’ when preparing for that upcoming school board presentation?

Help is right around the corner!! Visit and find a Toastmasters club near you. You won’t be disappointed.

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