Believe in Yourself When It’s Your Time

Ready. On Your Mark. Set. Go.

It is a mad dash for the finish line as ten finely-tuned, focused athletes sprint for the finish line.

A bit of hesitancy, a dash of tension separates the pack. Hundredths of a second separate 1st place from 2nd place.

I was watching the Track and Field Championships today. It is remarkable how centered these athletes are as they prepare for their ‘big moment’. Many of these athletes have been training for years for a 10 second race.

As I watched the racers from around the world prepare for the 100-meter dash, it was a sight to see how they each readied for the gun. Some talked to themselves. Others had the ‘thousand yard stare’ toward the finish line. Many relieved all tension by stretching and taking deep, cleansing breaths.

Most of us aren’t high-performance athletes preparing for a championship. But we should consider our time an important one? Whether we are getting set for an important presentation, meeting, or phone call, we need to ready our mind for greatness.

If you have any doubts, remove them. Tension is not your friend. See and visualize your success. Picture the end game (the conclusion of your phone call, the applauding crowd at the end of your presentation, the agreement being finalized) and know that IT WILL happen.

Now is your time.

When the gun goes off, will you be ready to sprint to the finish line?
Until next time,
Dan Naden
Naden’s Corner
(Image courtesy of Michael Dudash)
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