Don’t Miss It! The Event of the Summer!

An event…

In the dictionary, an event is described as:

  • something that happens or is regarded as happening; an occurrence, esp. one of some importance.

I’ve noticed a marketing trend as of late that nearly every ‘marketing campaign’ is considered an ‘event’ that can’t be missed. Every time you turn on the TV, listen to the radio, browse the Web, or read the newspaper, the word ‘event’ is front and center.

A recent Google search for: “Summer Sales Event” returns the following results:

Lexus’ Summer Sales Drive – The Event of the Summer
Hunter Douglas 2007 Summer Sale Event
Cabela’s – Super Summer Sale Event
One Day Only – Knott Cottages’ Summer Sales Event

When I think of event, I think of two events:

  1. A party of some kind (either for a child, friend, or relative).
  2. The 100M dash or some other race that is being held in the Olympics.

Call me jaded, but does calling a ‘sales blitz’ an event actually boost attendance? According to our definition, is the Lexus Sales Drive or the Hunter Douglas Summer Sale Event actually ‘events’ of some importance? How about calling it ‘Let’s get you in a brand new car day!’

I know that marketers are doing everything they can to get us to the retailer, but are they going at it all wrong?

I need to be convinced that I have a problem, or that I NEED your product in order to solve a need, fix a problem, boost ego, impress the neighbors, etc.

Calling every ‘marketing splash’ under the sun an ‘event’ may be backfiring on today’s smart consumers. My cousin Sally’s birthday party is a definite ‘event’. I will see cousins, family members, and friends that I haven’t seen in years.

My time is extremely valuable. If you want me to attend an ‘event’ and part with my hard-earned cash, help me recognize that I have a problem that needs solving.

Until next time,
Dan Naden
Naden’s Corner

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