An Opportune Time to Shut the Ipod Off

I like my Ipod. I am cool with my Ipod. My Ipod and I bond on the trail, treadmill, and with the jumprope. My Ipod helps my push through those ‘I gotta stop moments’ with a bout of extra endurance when I am exercising.

I consider these times Ipod essentials. The truly portable Ipod is a perfect companion when exercising. I can’t tell you how many ‘little white cords’ I see in the morning on my fellow exercises in my neighborhood. Whether it is Quiet Riot, Brooks and Dunn, or Celine Dion, we are all jamming to our favorites.

Then, there’s another time when it disappoints me to see that white cord dangling. In my last two jobs, I’ve seen a large number of fellow co-workers walking around the workplace zoned out to their Ipod. I have no problem with people sitting in your office, cubicle, or workspace listening to their favorite songs on their Ipod in the midst of an important project.

I don’t think it is right, however, to frequent common areas (lunch room, conference room) with your Ipod. Call me a budding extrovert (yes, I know, there are introverts, too), but I think these areas are perfect for bonding with fellow co-workers, chatting about the weekend’s football game, or hearing how that sleep-deprived guy is doing with the newborn.

The Ipod has done plenty to help bring back music, but let’s ‘cut the cord’ when we are in ‘engagement areas’ at our workplace. Your career, ego, attitude, and enthusiasm can all be positively affected by conversing with your co-workers. Press the play button when you get back to your cubicle.

Until next time,

Dan Naden
Naden’s Corner

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