Selfless customer service for our nerf-eating dog

Life sometimes deals you a curve ball.

We had one recently with our chocolate Labrador.

If you’ve been around chocolate labs, you know they sometimes get ‘eager’. Eager to please, eat, play, and just be a chocolate Labrador.

Unfortunately, our lab’s eagerness got her into a ‘situation’ about a week ago, but this incident had a silver lining.

Our dog mistakenly ate a kid’s toy. Not a small toy, but a toy about the size of a racquetball. After a few days of obvious discomfort, and determining that this toy was not ‘exiting’ her in some fashion, we took her to the professionals at Lakeline Animal Care in Austin, Texas.

The x-ray turned up the toy, clear as day in her stomach. Not to get too graphic, but the bile and juices in the dog’s stomach caused the ball to nearly double in size. There was no way to get that ball out of her stomach other than surgery.

The staff at Lakeline Animal Care instructed us on the specifics of the surgery, gave us continual updates, and made us feel that our dog was in capable hands. Post-surgery, they provided us with comprehensive instruction on how to feed and care for our wounded pup, and gave us as much time as we needed to ask questions. Big bonus points!!

The good news is that our dog is fine. She’s romping around like it never happened.
The great news is that the employees at Lakeline Animal Care made a frightening experience into a pleasant one by really caring for our dog and making us feel comfortable throughout the experience.

If you have a dog and live in Austin, I highly recommend Lakeline Animal Care.
Here’s hoping that everyone at Lakeline gets a nice gift in their Christmas stocking.
They provided a lesson in selfless customer service that every business should embody.
(Photo courtesy of: Valley View Dogs)

Until next time…

Dan Naden

Naden’s Corner

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