Advertising Mistakes You Can Avoid

I stumbled upon this stimulating, thought-provoking, and extremely valuable booklet that every advertiser/marketer should read.

Why is most advertising copy lame?

How to write a compelling headline like the pros?

How to tell a story and incite ACTION?

Most importantly, Jeff Paul and Jim Fleck, stress not to be afraid to be different. Apple is different. Southwest Airlines is different. Geico is different.

Many sprint away from being ‘different’ like Carl Lewis, but ‘standing out’ will bring you satisfied customers again and again.

Legendary marketing expert Gary Halbert sums it up nicely:

“When I was young, I was worried about what others thought about me. I was worried they would be thinking the wrong things about me.

As I got older, and got into a few transgressions, I was worried that people were thinking the right things about me.

Then, as I gained wisdom as the years went by…I realized that no one was thinking about me at all.”

Read this OUTSTANDING piece of work here:

Until next time, (daring you to be different)

Dan Naden

Naden’s Corner

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