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5 Days of Fearless Living: Day 5 – Eliminate Passivity

Our final day of the living fearlessly series may be the most difficult concept to grasp, especially for men. Eliminate passivity is the focus for Day 5, our final day.

Men sometimes have a tendency to lose aggressiveness, drive or initiative. There’s almost a fatalistic thread to this woe. I declare for men around the world to move boldly and confidently as friends, husbands, professionals, citizens. Don’t wait for others to take the lead – you do it.5 days of fearless living

Let’s be the people in the home to take out the trash, bathe the children, cook the dinner. We are way past the time where these duties were considered not part of a man’s DNA.

On football Sunday, get off the couch and play with your children or read them their favorite storybook. There will always be another game to watch, but your children won’t stay young forever. They are looking to you for leadership.

The big challenge with this fearless focus: its silence. A friend won’t necessarily tap you on the shoulder, saying, “Stop being passive at home and work.” Your significant other may not share at dinner that she needs more help from you around the house. Trust me: she does.

This challenge is squarely on you to recognize, acknowledge and correct. Eliminate passivity today; don’t wait for tomorrow to embrace the active, eager you.

So what do you think? Can you live fearlessly? The answer is yes!

Until next time,

Dan Naden

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