Leadership: Don’t Settle for Average

Think back to when you’ve done the best work of your career. You were collaborating, leading, driving together to achieve greatness.

Align with a great leader and the sky's the limit.
Align with a great leader and the sky’s the limit.

Think back to the time when things weren’t going so well. Trust and respect were discussed, but hardly ever modeled. Decisions were made from the top down. Employees were left scratching their heads about the future. You often wondered whether your work was making a difference.

I’ve worked for many great leaders. They saw potential in me of which I was unaware. They encouraged me to take risks while giving me the latitude to not be frightened of failure.

Look at your organization today. Align with those who see the best in you. Find a group of people who know what it takes to get from today to tomorrow. Life’s too short to idle.

Your star can shine brighter than the Northern Lights – go for it.

Until next time,

Dan Naden

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