When you leave the room, your brand follows you.

We’ve entered a new world. As much as you might not like to admit it, you ARE a brand.

What you wear, what you say and how you say it comprises your brand just as much as the results you produce for a business.

When a company looks to remove staff or promote a lucky employee, they are relying on the strength or weakness of his/her brand. Not only are they thinking of the individual’s contributions over the past few quarters, but they are thinking about:

  • How does he treat other employees?
  • Does he actively participate in meetings or check-out?
  • Does she help the people around her when they are in a bind?
  • How does she represent our company when she’s away from the office?

The bottom line is: your brand is what people think about you after you leave the room.

You are in complete control of your personal brand. Don’t take this responsibility lightly.

If you don’t own your brand now, it will most likely disintegrate into something that will leave you wondering why you’ve neglected something so pivotal to your future.

Until next time

Dan Naden

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