Dan Naden
writer's mountain

The Writer’s Mountain

Before the world gets crazy and long-winded, I write.

Before my attitude gets sour and grey, I write.

Before someone interrupts my train of thought, I write.

Before someone else gets all the good ideas, I write.

Before I wear myself out with useless meetings and mindless sinkholes, I write.

Before the sun burns away the early morning shrouds of fog, I write.

Before the clock races away with the day, I write.

I write to breathe. I write to live.

Just write.

Until next time,

Dan Naden

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1 thought on “The Writer’s Mountain

  1. Seems like the apple isn’t falling far from the tree. I like your sentiments and see that writing occupies a great space in your life. Good for you and good for us when we are allowed to read your words.

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