Dan Naden

Writing Will Never Be About Perfection

This writing won’t be perfect, but that’s not the point. Like a river that flows, unceasing and fluid, this pen shall never tire — never spill its last drop of ink.

There’s always another story to tell, a blanket to be woven, a building to be constructed. Today, I lay the foundation for a vivid, colorful tale to be told tomorrow — characters maturing, plots unraveling, drama building.

I show up at the notebook, eager and insistent to tell a story that only I can tell. Fear is an illusion. Surround it with the fury of an indignant middle linebacker on 4th down. Massacre it with the rage of a valiant dragon slayer. Drown it with the incessant pull of a riptide, continually pounding against the shore. Never let fear dictate your days.

Until next time,
Dan Naden

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