The World Needs More Fighters

A fighting man got punched and fell on his back. Weary and dizzied by the lethal strike, he felt for blood and broken bones.

At this point, the wounded, yet inexhaustible man faced a crossroads.

Does he?

  • Stay on his back and succumb to more punishment.
  • Stand up, assimilate to the new normal, and fight for his survival.

I aim to consider each setback in life through this lens:

We grow up when we get up.

I’ve been on soccer teams with players who shrink from responsibility. The moment they’ve been beaten for a goal, they might as well sit on the bench. Defeated and dejected, they are useless the rest of the game, letting the attacking forwards push wave after wave on goal.

I’ve also been on teams featuring fierce, fearsome, mighty defenders who never back down from a challenge. If they are beaten for a goal (and this doesn’t happen often), they channel the disappointment into a wall of resistance. Steely and brutal, they withstand every single onslaught from the attackers with the tenacity of an angered, virulent pit bull.

How about in the workplace? Ever been on a team with individuals who do little more than take up space in the chair? As tough as it is, you should pull him or her aside and ask what’s wrong. Help them find a direction that lights a raging fire inside.

It’s a no brainer that most of us prefer to be on teams comprised of colleagues with an infectious magnetism for excellence. Never flustered by stress, fear, or indecision, these individuals selflessly lead without ego. The best ones don’t crave the limelight. Instead, they focused their attention on the best possible outcome for the project.

The verdict: Fighters: Get up off the canvas. So you’ve been knocked down? So what. Wipe off the blood, strap on your gloves and get in the fight. You’ve learned something through the pain – now use that learning to own a better tomorrow.

The world needs more fighters – not people just along for the ride.

Until next time,

Dan Naden

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