rising sun

Write with the Rising Sun

Like an untamed lion, he roars onto the page, salacious and savage, ready to claw at any prey.

Like a king cobra, he strikes with a sudden fury, delivering a penetrating, venomous blow to any fear that froze his progress.

Like a giraffe, he peers over the tall trees, surveying the vast, sun-drenched savannah, barren and parched – a stretch of land without a scent of life.

Write before the sun peeks through…

If you wait until the day fills with alarms, reminders, “drop everythings”, your writing will suffer. If you wait until your attention flicks away, your writing limps to an abrupt, lifeless end. If you wait until the afternoon, your writing feels congested and jammed like rush hour traffic meshed with a two-car pileup. If your write closer to the setting sun, your writing deflates, shrieking like a emptying balloon. Choose to write with the rising sun. Don’t let the day burn away without some ‘early’ time with your notebook.

(Originally published on March 15th, 2016)

Until next time,

Dan Naden

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