Change is Knocking. How will you answer?

I’ve become numb to change. Over my life, I’ve endured so much change that it’s now the norm not the exception. As I deal with some ‘fresh changes’, and I’ll probably deal with more ‘fresh changes’ tomorrow, I always try to pause and reflect: how am I communicating these changes to others? My peers? Friends? Colleagues? Have I been through a similar change before? If so, what did I learn?

When a change that we don’t particularly like wraps her arms around us and doesn’t let go, we can choose two paths: acceptable and flexibility or resistance and reduction.

If we accept the change, and become flexible to how we can learn from the new normal, we are thinking with a growth mindset.

If we resist the change, like a youngster spilling his tray of vegetables on the floor, we reduce our opportunity to become a contributing part of our ever-changing world.

Change is painful. Change is rough. Change is a sharp needle in the eye when ‘normal’ was just fine.

Change, however, is also freeing, refreshing, a bright splash of renewal. The next change is about to knock on your door: how will you choose to respond?

(Originally published June 14th, 2016)

Until next time,

Dan Naden

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