soccer warmup

The Complete Goalie Ready Warmup

Objective: Get goalkeepers properly and thoroughly warmed up before a game.

Duration: 20 minutes (or as time allows)

goalie warmup
When the whistle blows, are you ready for play goalkeeper?

All goalkeepers must be ready for game action right from the first whistle. You might be called on to make a sprawling save or grab a dangerous cross within the game’s first minute. Be ready right from the start and your coach and teammates will know you are a vital part of the team’s success.

Stretch: (5 minutes)

-Standing position

  • touch toes with legs straight. Hold for 30 seconds (2 reps)
  • cross right leg over left leg. Touch toes while keeping legs straight. Hold for 30 seconds (2 reps with right over left and left over right)
  • spread legs apart and lunge to the right (hold for 30 seconds). Lunge to the left and then try to bring hands straight down to the ground (30 seconds for each position)
  • stare a point on ground for balance and pull one leg behind to stretch quadricep (grab shoelaces) while balancing on one leg (30 seconds on each leg)
  • Lean against goal post or wall to stretch out calves. Bend knee slightly (15 seconds each calf)

-Seated position:

  • perform butterfly stretch. (Place soles of feet together on ground and push elbows down onto knees.) Hold for 30 seconds (2 reps)
  • Extend legs on ground and attempt to bring hands to your feet (30 seconds hold/2 reps)

Fitness and Footwork (5 minutes)

  • Jog twice around field
  • From goalline, sprint to half field and back (2 reps)
  • Jog to half field while alternating raising each knee to chest. On jog back, alternate kicking each heel against backside. (2 reps)
  • With ball in hands (W grip), shuffle across field and back (1 rep)
  • With ball held overhead (W grip), shuffle across field and back (1 rep)

Ball Skills (2 minutes)

  • With another goalie, stand 10 yards apart and pass ball back and forth (1 minute of two touch)
  • Shorten distance to 5 yards and pass ball back and forth (1 touch for 1 minute)

Distribution (4 minutes)

-Keepers stand 10 yards apart

  • roll ball back and forth (30 seconds)
  • Throw ball (baseball, sidearm or windmill — alternate). Catch with W (above chest) or hug (between chest and knees)  (2 minutes)
  • Volley (punt) ball back and forth. Secure with a catch. (1 minute)

Shot Stopping (4 minutes)

  • Toss the ball high overhead. Goalie should jump and catch ball at the highest point – (5 reps) (say ‘keeper’ as you rise to collect the ball with one knee up to gain height and protection)
  • Keeper stands between two balls five yards apart and alternates diving to each ball. Get hands to ball and repeat on other side. (5 reps per side)

-Keeper in goal:  

  • one player shoots ball from 18-20 yards from goal. Test the keeper, but encourage the keeper to make saves. Finish on a positive note (Alternate low, medium and high balls). The goal of this drill is to have keepers make saves not for the attacker to blast the ball into the side netting. (2 minutes per keeper)
  • Player starts with ball 18-20 yards from goal. Player with ball approaches keeper with ball at his feet and attempts to outmaneuver the keeper in a 1 vs. 1 situation. Attacker can either shoot or try to dribble around keeper for open goal. Keeper should stay ‘big’ as the angle is cut off and should look for loose/bad touch by the attacking player.

You should finish with sweat on your forehead!!

You are now Goalie Ready for the game!! Good luck.

Dan Naden


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