A Letter to the Digital Generation

Dear digital generation: Don’t forget about relationships, depth and meaning. Relationships that aren’t hidden behind a screen. True understanding, connection and trust happens through conversation — face-to-face conversation, not through a text, shared photo or e-mail exchange.

Technology can open up the world. Information – literally anything you desire to learn – is seconds away. Insight, meaning and perspective takes years and years of study – and it’s something that’s never mastered – it’s a puzzle that will never be solved, a lock without a key.

Don’t fall prey to what’s easy,comfortable, and superficial – it’s tempting to flick and flitter from topic to topic – never really diving deep into an area to mount the quest towards excellence.

Technology is just a tool. Tip: Put the phone away when you are walking on a beach as the sun sinks towards the horizon. Certain moments need to be cherished without distraction. Stop taking pictures and just enjoy your city’s skyline. Most of the pictures you take will never be looked at again. And that remarkable Instagram shot you just painstakingly cropped and filtered will be forgotten in less than 5 seconds.

The joy is in the now. Not in what everyone else is doing. Hug your family and closest friends. They are the people who will be there when you really need a helping hand.

Lastly, there is always someone with more money, stuff, gadgets – and they’d probably trade it all away for more time, closer friendships and love. Work on being you, stay in the moment and cherish the ones you love.

Until next time,

Dan Naden

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