The Image of Apple

I am continually amazed at the tone and tenor of Apple’s advertising. It seems nearly every sporting event I watched this past holiday season featured advertising from this iconic technology/lifestyle company.

Throughout these Apple spots, something became clear as day. Apple isn’t selling phones, tablets, or laptops; they are selling youthful exuberance, hope and promise. Yes, the Apple store is alluring (but always crowded), so the Website is now the place for researching the many styles, features and variations, a bevy of colors, shapes and styles to fit any situation.

The hip and ultra-cool – either a twenty-something artist or a cultural legend like McCartney, Bono or Jay-Z, get a spark from interacting with one of Apple’s devices. The story captures us – if they can become legends of their craft, why can’t we? The truth is that these icons became great – not because of their device – but because they outworked everyone else – and probably had some built-in genius as well. Undoubtedly, these icons faced criticism at some point in their journey, yet they pushed forward, ignoring the naysayers and believing what they were creating as indeed a gift to the world.

Apple brilliantly stays on message. They don’t sell productivity machines. Instead, they help wanderers, dreamers and doers turn their hunches into reality.

Until next time,

Dan Naden

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