When the audience wants to text, how do you get them to listen?

As the communicator connected with the audience, every single person in the audience perched on the edge of her seat.…
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Make them remember the key points, not the pizazz

You sit down in your seat, awaiting the presenter to start his magic. You’ve been in this position enough before…
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You are not going to believe this

“Because the hook brings you back I ain’t telling you no lie. The hook brings you back On that you…
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What can you learn by listening at Starbucks?

You can learn plenty by eavesdropping at Starbucks. I am not conspicuously listening, yet I’ll ‘hear things’ as I read…
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Audience 101: Talk with us, not at us

Shortly after the calendar flipped from 2010 to 2011, our family attended our neighborhood’s church for an uplifting Sunday morning…
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3 Tips to Memorable Presentations

I had a chance to hear Geoff Ramsey, CEO and co-founder of E-marketer speak the other day at a fine…
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