You are not going to believe this

“Because the hook brings you back
I ain’t telling you no lie.
The hook brings you back
On that you can rely”

Hook by Blues Traveler (1994)

One of the most challenging jobs in the world is presenter. Yes, it’s not a gravedigger, slaving away in a blinding rainstorm, or a construction weaker smoothing out asphalt under a blazing sun, but the ‘day-long’ presenter or instructor.

A few quick phrases to snap your audience to attention
Quick: What will you do if your audience gets drowsy?

So how can I make this seemingly outlandish statement? And what’s one of the biggest hurdles he needs to overcome?

So what is it?

It’s connecting the audience back to the presenter when a litany of obstacles may be obstructing the presentation from his audience. It could be a noisy meeting next door, a post-lunch coma gripping the audience into lethargy, or extremely hot or cold temperature within the meeting room.

How do you keep an audience tuned in when a large amount of information needs to be shared in a short period of time?

Even the most novice of presenters can snap the audience to attention with the well-timed uses of these 3 phrases:

  1. “You are not going to believe this.”
  2. “I really want to share this with you.“
  3. “Now, I’ve got a secret to tell you.”

Now, don’t get carried away. If you sprinkle these phrases into your presentations too frequently, they’ll lose their punch. If everything’s a ‘secret’, nothing’s sacred, right? Use these ‘can’t miss phrases’ genuinely when you have an important point, a nugget of wisdom that your audience can’t help but share, or something that could dramatically change your perspective.

It’s not back-breaking labor, but presenting day-long seminars or classes to distracted, stressed, frustrated, tired professionals can be extremely challenging. Use these phrases and build the connection between audience and presenter.

As Blues Traveler says, “the hook brings you back.” Incorporate a few well-placed hooks and you’ll have your audience fixated on your message.

Until next time,

Dan Naden

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