Play a game of Hide and Go Seek with your customers

Ready or not here I come. The moment this phrase is written or heard, you know its context: Hide and…
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Want to be a leader? Hold onto your self-esteem

Read on: Guest post from Edward Caulfield from Serious About Service. Thank you Edward for your contribution. If you were…
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Family unmemory: Highway robbery at the photo studio

With hair combed, pants pressed, coordinated outfits, and smiles glaring, the Naden family, ages 4 months to 83 years, opened…
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Customer Mistake: When someone wants to do business with you, don’t push him aside.

You run into a friend into the grocery store; a perfectly timed reunion that always makes both parties feel better.…
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Home Depot: Help is all around you

Home Depot is a marvelous place if you are a homeowner or hope to soon become one. You can dream…
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Act with Authenticity and Commitment for Stellar Service

Naden’s Corner is moving its location for a week!! I met the Who’s Your Gladys? crew (Marilyn and Lori Jo)…
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Turn it off and pay attention

Don’t miss the special moments in life (either personally or professionally) by focusing on a digital device. Stay in the present and impress your friends, colleagues, and clients.
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Video: Make it to share feedback

You can learn from the sheer simplicity of After a recent conversation with their customer support team, they e-mailed me a brilliantly simple message. Incorporate this philosophy into your business and never look back.
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