Turn it off and pay attention

Don’t miss the special moments in life (either personally or professionally) by focusing on a digital device. Stay in the present and impress your friends, colleagues, and clients.
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There’s incredible veracity in the simple statement captured in this picture. Look around and watch as special moments are missed. Are you one of those people who bury their face in all shapes and sizes of digital devices? I am as thrilled with technological advancement as the next person; it gives you unparalleled freedom and convenience, yet it can pull you away from significant episodes that can’t be retrieved.boy and dog running on beach

It is important that you don’t use your ‘busyness’ as an excuse to miss those treasured times: first day of school, graduation, children’s swimming lessons, baseball games, homework lessons.

On a professional level, when meeting with a client or prospective customer focus on them – not your high-priced device. Let that mail or phone message go; it will be there when you return. Your customer is investing his/her time in you. Give them your undivided attention.

Let’s paint two pictures:

Picture #1: You meet a potential customer at a local coffeehouse, and instead of being present with the customer, you continually check your smartphone for messages and take ‘important phone calls. The customer is getting this message: I am not important; my time is not valuable.

Picture #2: You meet a potential customer at a local coffeehouse, and become intently interested in his/her business. You listen more than you talk and you empathize with the obstacles that the customer faces in growing his/her business. The customer is getting this message: this business owner really cares about me. I feel that my needs were communicated and I want to learn more.

Picture #2 is the model to follow. Pay attention and you’ll quickly find that you won’t miss as many special moments with clients, prospects, and friends.

Until next time,

Dan Naden

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