How can a tap dancing girl at Starbucks give you an edge?

Nearly a month ago (wow, time flies!!), I wrote about non-verbal communication and its power to better understand your audience or customers; these great teachings are present in Joe Navarro’s book, ‘What Every Body is Saying.’

Now, a superb example comes to life right before my eyes.

A young lady stood in line at a local Starbucks. Staring at the menu, she wondered what treat she’d select. As her eyes darted back and forth, her feet bounced gingerly off the store’s white tile floor. A blender whirred in the background.
Her anticipation only heightened as the line shortened. The happy feet now quickened to a dizzying blur. The excitement did not stop until she placed her order and her craving was satiated.

Have you ever seen this? I would venture a guess that you have. If not, pay attention during your next Starbucks visit. It is as apparent as a Grande Frappucchino.

The lesson: Look to the feet to gain an advantage in a negotiation or interview. Be aware during a conversation and see what your friend or acquaintance is really thinking. You’ll be surprised. ‘Happy feet’ typically reveal high confidence or excitement. What can be more exciting than being just seconds away from that delicious Starbucks concoction! 

Have you seen this ‘non-verbal’ for yourself? Tell us!!

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