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Small businesses have gone stark-raving mad over Facebook

I recently returned from vacation and was bombarded by Facebook pushes from every corner of each retail establishment that I visited. Bars, restaurants, clothing stores and electronics retailers — none were immune from the marketing push.

Everyone is holding out his or her hand – follow me, friend me, watch me, like me, look at me….
Does it feel like a beauty pageant in overdrive? Businesses are trying incredibly hard to win our attention, but many aren’t stressing the urgency.

The question I have to ask is:

Why should I spend the time?
I have a limited amount of attention before the supposed ‘important things’ become noise.
Why should I dedicate a chunk of my day to ‘follow’ your business?

The answer:
Give your ‘audience’ an incentive to being a Fan.

  • 20% off your next purchase; Buy 1, Get 1 Free.
  • Sweeten the deal and you have my attention.

Placing a sign at your register that says: “Join us” on Facebook isn’t going to do the trick anymore.
Like the billboard on a busy highway that passes before my eyes without even a ‘first’ glance, or the banner ad that becomes invisible ‘white space’, I’ve become immune to these pitches.

How about:

  • 5,000 people can’t be wrong. Join us as we deliver daily money-saving coupons to our friends on Facebook.
  • Join us on Facebook and your first ‘message’ from us will save you $10 on your next purchase. Cool.

Now, you’ve my attention.

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Photo courtesy of Andrew Feinberg

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