2 marketing tactics that Cracker Barrel does right

Cracker Barrel does marketing right with a nice touch outside the store.
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As the road gets long, the eyes get bleary, and the stomach begins to churn, our family seems to think of one dining establishment during long road trips – Cracker Barrel.

front porch rocking chair
Look comfortable?

I’ve never really figured out why.

Maybe it’s the reliable, easy-in/easy-out layout of the restaurant/retail store.

Maybe it’s the clean, accessible, kid-friendly bathrooms.
More likely, it’s the delectable, tummy-busting, thick and hearty meals that slay even the fiercest appetite.

For those not familiar with Cracker Barrel, the company was founded in 1969 and is based in Lebanon, Tennessee. According to Wikipedia, there are currently 594 US locations in 41 states, featuring Southern-style ‘comfort food’. All of their locations are part-restaurant, part-retail store, and part-front porch; there’s nothing quite like it.

Our most recent stop at the ‘Barrel’ had me thinking and nearly telling everyone in the store:
Wow, that’s good marketing.’

Cracker Barrel’s Good Marketing Tip #1: At the end of our visit, we strolled amongst the rocking chairs and benches that line the exit of every Cracker Barrel. A visit to Cracker Barrel must include a turn in the rocking chair to just let the world just go by.

On this particular day, the heat was relentless. It was a day where time under the direct sun was like time under a magnifying glass.

And, there, in a small, inconspicuous basket, sat fans.

cracker barrel fan
THE heat remedy

What more could a sweaty, tired summer traveler want more than a hand fan to diminish summer’s fury? Could I just stay in this rocking chair forever?

To make a good move even better, Cracker Barrel placed recipes for ‘homemade ice cream’ on the actual fan. Ice Cream. Fans. Down home eating. A trifecta for the ages.

Added bonus: The kids loved playing with the fans in the car. A child with a new ‘toy’ is a quiet car; this is a very good thing during a long journey.

Let’s try something different and give us a chance to visit Cracker Barrel before we present ‘Good Marketing Tip #2‘. My pick: The Old Timer’s Breakfast. Dip your fork in and be carried away.

Stay tuned for #2.

Until next time,

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