Why doesn’t anyone communicate anymore?

“Nicholas, don’t throw that block at your sister,” I say tiredly. A menacing smile surfaces on his face as his arm gets into position for the big blow. I don’t think he’s listening. “Nicholas, think about what you are doing.” Abigail, sensing doom, flees the scene. Nicholas, understanding that his window for damage is closing, throws the block, narrowly missing his sister’s leg.

We are constantly stressing right and wrong and presenting a consistent message of listening to elders in our household. Young, fertile, distracted minds aren’t always in tune with this frequency.

Building blocks
How do flying blocks get in the way of communication?

Communication breakdowns between young children and their parents aren’t uncommon, but as we age shouldn’t communication get easier? Shouldn’t our advanced level of maturity give everyone a level playing field to clearly communicate?

It does not take a news hound to see that we still struggle to communicate. The stories are as evident as the shining stars at night.

Purple Power Drain:

1.       Randy Moss leaves the championship-caliber Patriots to pair up with his old team, the Minnesota Vikings. The dream scenario goes south as Randy Moss can’t communicate with his coach. The coach parts with the speedy superstar. If Randy and Brad were able to clear up their ‘differences’, wouldn’t it be special? What wide receiver wouldn’t want to catch passes from the iconic Brett Favre? Wouldn’t Brad Childress love to bring a Super Bowl to Minnesota for the first time with a superstar receiver being an integral contributor? Instead, the pair pointed fingers, blamed the ‘other party’ and never attempted to communicate. End of story.

The Final stone is unturned:

2.       Politics can get dirty fast. Earlier this year, Rolling Stone published an article about then-General Stanley McChrystal. The article criticized many of the Obama administration’s top brass. Communication wasn’t a premium between Obama and his General. Unfortunately for both parties, it ended ugly; Obama’s staff was humiliated in text; McChrystal lost his job. There will always be differing perspectives on policy decisions, yet the lack of communication between Obama and McChrystal brought this relationship to an abrupt end. In hindsight, wouldn’t both parties have benefited from listening to the other side?

Let’s make a concerted effort to listen to others. If you listen closely, you can learn something from everyone you meet. Connection happens when we genuinely care what the other person is saying. Communication is a dance delivered in many forms. Don’t stop the tango by shutting down the other party.

Now, back to the block party. I have to tend to a bruise on my leg; it looks as if Nicholas is targeting larger prey with his block barrage. We still have some communication learning to share in our household.

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