You’ll miss the point if you talk too much

I’ve spoken with quite a few salespeople over the years. I’ve learned interesting tidbits from sales representatives near and far:

  • What should I get my wife for her anniversary?
  • What position should my son play on the baseball team?
  • Why can’t find a boyfriend?
  • Why should I vote for [Add your favorite politician]?

How did I get posed these questions? BY LISTENING.

I am no Oprah, but I think I am a good listener; listening builds rapport, strengthens relationships, and shows that I am feeling his/her pain, sharing his/her sorrows, cheering his/her successes. Empathy is a powerful emotion.

I frequently champion ‘distraction-free’ listening. When meeting with customers face-to-face, or doing business on the phone, turn off the ‘other’ phone, power down the ‘smart’ device, shut down the laptop; you’ll be surprised what you hear. You might even get to play matchmaker or help groom the next Willie Mays.

Until next time,

Dan Naden

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