Dan Naden

A four-sided life is a life well-lived

A boat without a bottom will sink.

A car with 3 wheels won’t get you far.

A square has 4 sides. If one side is ‘off’, the square breaks down.

Does your life have 4 sides?

If not, maybe you need to reassess.

An exceptional life is a balanced one.

The shape of your world can determine your outlook.

This view and theme of personal mastery has been introduced frequently over the years by a dizzying array of authors.

One of the most compelling showcases of this mastery was demonstrated by William Danforth’s timeless epic text, “I Dare You.”

So what are the 4 sides?

Mental: Stimulate your mind. When school ends, the true learning starts. Make it a goal to learn something new daily. If you can believe it, 42 percent of college graduates NEVER read another book for the rest of their lives.

Physical: An active, energetic person is happy and fulfilled. Take 20 minutes a day and breathe in the fresh air.

Social: Life is not meant to be lived in isolation. Connect with others for friendship, encouragement, joy.

Religious: No matter your view, take time to step outside yourself and connect with a higher spiritual power. You’ll be calmer and more centered.

Keep your square ‘true’ and find a better, more efficient you.

Until next time,

Dan Naden

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