Dan Naden

The Work From Home Manifesto

No traffic.

No commute.

Lunch with the family.


Minimal distractions.

I’ve been working from home for the past year now and the verdict is in: I love it!

I’ve never felt more productive, focused and driven to meet my goals.

But, there’s a catch. Don’t get too distant from being ‘social’.

Yes, it’s vitally important to be intentional with ‘outside time’, including coffee, lunches and meetups with friends. Join a club, association, lunchtime group.

Working from home has turbo-boosted my productivity. How about you?

Even the dog sees the upside. She loves that I sometimes give her a run around the neighborhood during my lunch break.

Working from home might not be for everyone. The pull of ESPN, Reality Shows, MTV might be too appealing. The Web’s many paths can easily distract and disarm you from meeting the day’s goals, especially with no other professionals around to keep you honest.

So what does working at home teach you?

1. Discipline: You need feedback on a project? There’s no cube mate ‘next door’ to share perspective. You must take initiative and pick up the phone or initiate a Web chat to seek out another’s opinion. Passivity won’t work. If you want to grow and improve working from home, you must be VERY intentional.

2. Drive: If you are working in an Agile environment as I am, (and I think you should give this project methodology a look!) the team is counting on you to meet your commitments. If you miss a deliverable, you are disappointing many, not just yourself. It’s essential that you push aside all obstacles and find a solution to the problems you face.

3. Creativity: Being creative means different things to different people. For some, creativity ‘happens’ amidst a large group of people, discussing, sharing, debating a key concept. Other people might only experience inspiration during downtime; a silent morning walk or a digital detach with no smartphone, Web, or television. I find creativity strikes me during quiet moments of thought; these scenarios would be difficult to find in a noisy office environment.

Give it a try; I know you’ll like it.

Until next time,
Dan Naden

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