Saturday Morning Memories Created @Lowes

It’s Saturday morning; what’s on my schedule?

Sleeping in? Not a chance.

Hungover? Nope. I turned 21 years ago.

What’s a young (and I use that term loosely) father to do with his children when it’s either too cold to go to the park or too hot to brave the sunlight?

Lowe's employs a keen trick to keep parents and kids coming back again and again.
Lowe’s employs a keen trick to keep parents and kids coming back again and again.

I’ve discovered that no one builds anything anymore. Most everything can be bought at a fair price at and the replacement cost makes sense to replace a broken, worn out item and not to repair it.

The sound of a hammer is replaced by the bleep, bleep of a video game.

The jagged tone of metal sawing through wood is usurped by Mickey Mouse Club.

I am not likely to build a clubhouse such as the one that my father built for me years ago (thanks Dad!). My brother and I helped nail a few boards, paint the interior; we were ecstatic that we would have our hideout right in our own backyard. The fort seemed immense, capable of swallowing my brother and me whole.

Today, I am embarrassingly inept with woodworking and machinery. I can pound a nail, saw a board, power drill, but then the list of tasks stops abruptly.

Lowe’s, however, has brought ‘the build’ back into my vocabulary.

The gargantuan store has made it incredibly easy and fun to introduce my children to hammers, nails, screws, measurements.

Over the past few years, my children and I have attended a number of Lowe’s Build and Grow workshops.

What makes these events so special?

1.   It’s easy.

The monster trucks, Valentine’s Card holders, race cars are simple, straightforward, fun for the entire family. No one goes home unhappy.

2.   It gets you in the store.

It’s not complicated. An event like this gets parents in the store to buy fertilizer, flowers, ceiling fans, faucets. And the Build and Grow event’s location is ALWAYS strategically placed in the store so you walk by much of the store’s precious merchandise.

3.   Making things for loved ones.

What Mom, Grandmother, Grandfather or friend wouldn’t like a kid-crafted touch of love in the form of a picture frame complete with stickers? The Build and Grow experiences build memories for a lifetime.

Next Saturday, don’t hit the snooze button; get up early and bring the family to Lowe’s.

Until next time,

Dan Naden

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