5 Days of Fearless Living: Day 1 – Publish something

What would life be like if you lived without fear? How would your days and nights be different? I ‘think’ I live fearlessly, but do I really?

Today, I take a small step by doing something I’ve never done before:  write a blog post every day for 5 days straight. I want to publish something without a second thought or doubt.

Let’s call this: the 5 days of Fearless Living

Day 1: Publish something.

When you are creating something: a Web page, painting, poem, lesson plan, there’s always the ability to improve your creation. There is, however, the danger of ‘overdoing it’.fearless

Your ‘creation’ is meant to be enjoyed by others. Let your ‘baby’ breathe its first breath in the world. Let your Web page go, releasing it to your target audience for reaction. Did your customers click what you wanted them to click? You’ll only get this valuable data by making your creation live.

If you are a teacher, your students are looking to you for inspiration, encouragement, confidence. The lesson plan that you’ve been trying to perfect for weeks needs to see the light of day. Your students will tell you by their reaction and comprehension to determine what alterations (if any) need to be made.

Publishing is difficult. Will others think you aren’t talented or smart? Will a critical comment from your audience cripple further publishing endeavors? The answer: Who cares? Go for it. You create because you feel you have something to say or share. A great idea never validated is still just an idea.

The iPad would never be in nearly every household if it had never shipped. The Tesla that you or your friend is driving would never leave you breathless until someone with courage said, “Let’s do this.”

Publish something. Do it now; your audience, friends, family, acquaintances, the world want to hear from you.

Stay tuned tomorrow for Day 2 of Fearless Living. Now is your time to be the person you can be.

Until next time,

Dan Naden

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