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5 Days of Fearless Living: Day 2 – Love Someone

In Day 1 of living fearlessly, we talked about publishing something. My hope is that you took this advice to heart and finished that story, touched up that painting and released it to the world. The art of publishing is free and empowering.

Now it’s onto Day 2: Love someone as if there’s no tomorrow. Let’s face it: many of us live very busy lives. But let us not mistake busy time for significant time.

We might be married to a special someone; we could be dating someone; we could have a brother or sister who we’ve underappreciated over the years.5 days of fearless living

Today: take a few minutes to shower that special someone in your life with unconditional, no strings attached, love. This gesture could take many forms: attention, a hug, flowers, a chocolate bunny, or a few unforgettable words of encouragement. Make that other person think, “Wow, it really means much that you would go out of your way to think about me.”

Living fearlessly isn’t all about jumping off cliffs, taking a leap of faith into something bold and unknown. Finding a cherished relationship and strengthening that bond with a kiss, a gift, or just being genuine may be one of the most challenging gestures in aiming towards living fearlessly.

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Dan Naden

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