Stop telling me your greatness; Start showing me how you can help me.

The press release boldly claims that the latest product release will revolutionize the software industry.

EXTRA! EXTRA! Your customers don't care how great you are.
EXTRA! EXTRA! Your customers don’t care how great you are.


The commercial shouts that a new shampoo will give you the most radiantly glamorous hair. 

The company’s Web page puffs out its chest by boasting about the numerous awards the company’s collected throughout its existence. 

Most companies are so consumed with telling the world how great they are that they never actually attempt to communicate with their target customers. 

The stressed, worried, frustrated, tired masses don’t want to read another boring press release about your company’s meteoric growth or the city’s most compelling workplace culture.

The stressed and worried have problems they want solved, and they desire for someone to solve them. Are you showing your market that you can be this company through the videos you produce, content you write, helpful information you share?

We are in the sharing age. Provide me with some insight into how you’ve solved my problem with others and you’ve me listening. And that’s half the battle in this noisy world.

Don’t tell me how great you are; I really don’t care.

Until next time,
Dan Naden

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