Google: Help me find items at any store

Google knows when I am sleeping, it knows when I am awake. Surely, it’s only a matter of time until Google knows if I’ve been bad or good.

When I shop, which isn’t often, I am not a browser. Truthfully, I feel content with all the ‘stuff’ I have in my life already. I have trouble rationalizing most ‘things’ as ‘must-have’.

On the rare chance I do visit a retailer, I’d like the experience to be as quick and painless as possible. Without downloading an app (I’ve enough of those intrusive storage and memory hogs already), I’d like to ask Google where I can locate an item in-store.

“OK Google. Tell me where the potato chips are located.”

Or, I could take it one step further and ask, “OK Google. Tell me the fastest route to get potato chips, Kleenex, dental floss and ice cream. And while you are at it…are there any specials I should know about?”

Perhaps this need could be solved by placing Google Home devices at locations throughout the store. I know retailers want me to browse, selecting items off my list and filling my cart to the brim. Unfortunately, I am not that type of customer. For me, customer satisfaction is frictionless, transactional and a supremely efficient experience.

Google: please work with the retail industry to make this happen. I have to imagine Amazon already has hundreds of skilled minds already working to solve this problem.

Giddy up Google: It appears Amazon is already moving down this path:

Until next time,

Dan Naden

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