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Don’t Overthink It – Take the Next Step

You’ll regret the steps you don’t take.

Your next step is only yours. It might be finishing up that certification you had been putting off because you are just too busy. Perhaps it’s the screenplay which always gets bumped when your favorite show releases a new episode to watch. Maybe it’s asking to be a part of a project that will grow your skills and catapult your organization to new levels of profitability.

My Dad often reminisces about the chances he took in his younger days: serving as park counselor for numerous summers in the early 1980s, counseling youth about growing up, being responsible, resisting temptations. His eyes light up when speaks of boldly pivoting from teaching into building operations/management at a time when bills were mounting and the economy was slowing to a crawl.

Conversely, he’s disappointed about the chances he thought about taking, but didn’t. As a rising teacher, he was hand-picked to become the school’s principal. Succumbing to the erroneous thought he wasn’t ready, he told the school, “No, thank you.” My Dad still reflects on this missed opportunity as if it was yesterday.

Take the next step. You’ll never be 100% ready for anything.

Any change you face can be weighed down with fear, indecision, insecurity, but don’t let it control your path forward.  

The better choice and the path to guide you to even more life-changing, transformational steps? Say ‘yes’, learn as you go and you’ll look back at life knowing you did all you could with the opportunities you were blessed to experience. Take the step; it will be worth it in the end.

Until next time,

Dan Naden

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