5 Ways to Take Blue Apron from Maybe to Must Have

  1. Tell me how I can afford this: Our family spends plenty of money each week at HEB, the dominant grocer in Texas. If we were to try Blue Apron, the online food delivery service, we’d want to know how much time or money we’d save. The Pricing Page on Blue Apron’s Internet site shows the cost of the plan, but what about the time savings? How much time does a family spend shopping for groceries every week? How does the time to plan, prep and cook a meal via Blue Apron compare with shopping at HEB and then prepping and cooking a mean? Show me the upside from a time perspective. Convince me I should shift from my status quo.
    Want this type of food delivered to your doorstep? You might have to settle for ‘less than perfect.’

  2. Who’s using this in my neighborhood? Chances are there’s someone in my neighborhood using Blue Apron. If I can communicate with this family about their experience, I’ll be much apt to give it a shot. Nothing on the site, at least that I can locate, talks about the people that are raving about the service.

  3. Bring me the gear I need to be a great cook: The ‘Learn’ section profiles different utensils, pots and pans. Surprisingly, the section doesn’t give me the ability to purchase these items. In our hyper-convenient culture, you may want to consider making this option available.

  4. What’s Blue Apron’s one word? Fast, fresh, convenient, value? Truthfully, Blue Apron probably needs to showcase all these brand attributes, especially when trying this change a behavior (grocery shopping and meal prep) that is so entrenched in our society. It might be helpful, however, to double down on one attribute and work to own it.

  5. Relieve the stress of special occasions: There’s great joy in planning and hosting a special event, whether it’s a birthday party or cocktail hour. Blue Apron might find opportunity in offering a ‘birthday party’ or ‘cocktail party’ in a box. From my experience, a special event hinges on food, treats and drinks which are memorable. Make a stressful occasion turn into a breeze for busy Moms and Dads.

Good luck, Blue Apron. Your sector is poised to get insanely competitive in the coming years. Stay nimble, risky and bold and may just become the choice for consumers.

Until next time,

Dan Naden

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