Dan Naden

Google: Help me find items at any store

Google knows when I am sleeping, it knows when I am awake. Surely, it’s only a matter of time until…

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Goalkeeping from the Inside Out

“Coach, I don’t want to play goalie today. Can you find someone else to play?” says the young, timid, scared…

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The Market of One Could Lead to None

In this hyper-customized, ultra-personalized world in which we live, it is very tempting to build an unique product for each…

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Shake Hands with the Struggle

The struggle makes you stronger. Too many of us want it easy. We want it teed up on a silver…

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10 Ways to Make LinkedIn Even Better

Encourage more ‘meaningful’ introductions: As LinkedIn has grown, you probably get more ‘who is this person?’ requests than well-intentioned requests…

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US Soccer: A Failure in Leadership and Tactical Prowess

Today, I am embarrassed to call myself a US soccer fan. For the first time since 1986, the United States…

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Guard your Attention with your Life

Attention. I walk or run my dog most mornings. In fact, since I became a dog owner a decade ago,…

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10 Ways to Improve Amazon.com’s Experience

Amazon.com has become part of our everyday. Amazingly, when you think of buying anything, you think of Amazon. Sorry Target,…

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Top 10 Reasons I Love Goalkeeping

Goalkeeping can be stimulating, exhilarating, and empowering. Here’s why. Handyman: You are the only player on the field with the…

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10 Ways to Improve Your Company’s Culture

Each company’s culture is its own. It’s very hard to generalize the unique characteristics of company’s culture down to a…

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The Top 10 Reasons I Write

The word ‘write’ can mean different things to different people. For some, write is fright. For others, it is sheer…

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Change is Knocking. How will you answer?

I’ve become numb to change. Over my life, I’ve endured so much change that it’s now the norm not the…

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Want an additive with that? HEB Adds Additech’s Fuel Service to its Gas Pumps.

I make it part of my weekly routine to fill up the ol’ Ford at the HEB. I stock up…

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The Recipe for an Effective Pre-game Goalie Warm up

Goalies of the World – I want you to rethink how you warm up before a game. I see too…

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Dick’s Sporting Goods Delivers E-mail Again and Again

With the Christmas season behind us, everyone awaits the unfortunate noise that occurs in January. THUD. CRASH. THUMP. Something heavy…

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Goalies: Two Simple Words to Master your Position

Goalies have a tremendous advantage over the rest of the players on the soccer field: they can (legally) use their…

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rising sun

Write with the Rising Sun

Like an untamed lion, he roars onto the page, salacious and savage, ready to claw at any prey. Like a…

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customer service

The Big Question: How’s Business Going

I make it a point to pose the following question to an unsuspecting waiter, hostess, cook, or ‘owner-looking’ person at…

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A Look Back: Bringing a MVP to Old Media

It’s amazing the breadth of communities available on the Internet. Whether your community’s focus is soccer fanatics, early 20th century…

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The Most Important Time of your Workday? The Last 30 Minutes.

Watch a Football game lately? The games are becoming one long investigation after another… Did his knee touch down? Did…

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