Dan Naden

Got Attitude?

I am reading a fine book right now titled, “Jeffrey Gitomer’s Little Gold Book of YES Attitude: How to Find,…

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Let Them Know You Care

You’re at work. A co-worker does something special to move your project along. Most of us would think about saying…

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Chez Zee!!

Happy Easter everyone!! (one day late!!) I hope that all y’all had a wonderful day with friends and family. Despite…

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A Networking Strategy LinkedIn is Not

LinkedIn: We all have our numerous connections, and we’ll check in on our ‘links’ when we need something: a new…

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Naden’s Corner — Spring 2007

Hello blog visitors.I hope you enjoy your stay. I gotta tell you — this is great fun!!! Intriguing Web links:Where…

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There goes the neighborhood.

I don’t mean to sound the alarm here, but I had a very disturbing event happen in my neighborhood that…

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March Madness

Whether you like basketball or not, you have to respect the fortitude and perseverance that many of the athletes are…

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Make an Effort — Personal

It pays to make an effort.We can easily walk in a daze throughout life. We never stop to realize, “You…

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You are in control

Today’s post is about you. Sounds good doesn’t it? There’s no script given to you at the start of each…

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Make the most out of your day!! Find a balance.

What a glorious Sunday we are having!! I hope yall are able to get out there and enjoy some sunshine.…

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Austin’s Treasure

Before you schedule anymore downtown Austin plans, look into a concert at the Paramount Theatre.I wanted to share an outstanding…

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First Blog Post!!

Hello everyone!It is fantastic to finally have a blog.I look forward to connecting with other people in cyberspace. Dan Naden

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