There’s a story inside each one of us. Let it breathe.

I recently returned from an international flight that had me feeling like a withered raisin. You know the feeling? Altitude’s…
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Does your advertising help us feel the sand and hear the surf?

I was cruising through my day when the advertising arrived. The number of messages that we receive on a daily…
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Using Psychology to Get People to Choose You

There are a few guarantees in the life of marketing. Most companies shout, yet very few companies listen. Your customers…
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What a tapir and termite taught me about the power of interaction

There are just some days that you’ll always remember.  Months, even years could pass, yet a few singular days remain.…
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You’ll miss the point if you talk too much

I’ve spoken with quite a few salespeople over the years. I’ve learned interesting tidbits from sales representatives near and far:…
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Video: Make it to share feedback

You can learn from the sheer simplicity of After a recent conversation with their customer support team, they e-mailed me a brilliantly simple message. Incorporate this philosophy into your business and never look back.
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Build your work puzzle one day at a time

Work isn’t just a paycheck; it is a way to contribute, engage, and grow.

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2 marketing tactics that Cracker Barrel does right

Cracker Barrel does marketing right with a nice touch outside the store.
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How can a tap dancing girl at Starbucks give you an edge?

Nearly a month ago (wow, time flies!!), I wrote about non-verbal communication and its power to better understand your audience…
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Delta Airlines’ Direct Mail Wizardry

It’s a daily routine that most of know very well. We walk or drive to the mailbox and filter through…
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Would you fill out a form without knowing what you’re getting?

Back in the Michael Jordan days, I was a loyal Chicago Bulls fan. I had to watch his every move…
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Everyone’s watching their dollars and cents these days. Our family has definitely changed our ways, but , then again, we’ve…
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One to remember and one to forget…

Movie makers: Pay attention. I would like to give you an example of what we want from our movie experience…
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Let Them Know You Care

You’re at work. A co-worker does something special to move your project along. Most of us would think about saying…
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March Madness

Whether you like basketball or not, you have to respect the fortitude and perseverance that many of the athletes are…
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You are in control

Today’s post is about you. Sounds good doesn’t it? There’s no script given to you at the start of each…
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